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Drop Off and Pick Up Procedures
Posted On:
Friday, February 06, 2015



  1. Drop off students should follow our door-to-door service utilizing the parking lot by the gymnasium.  Please drive slow and stay in the line.
  2. All students (walkers and drop-off) should arrive no earlier than 8:40 AM.
  3. K-2 grade students should not walk alone.
  4. Students being picked-up should be picked-up in the gymnasium after buses are dismissed.  Picking up in the office at dismissal creates an unsafe level of confusion while we are trying to follow our procedures.  If you need to pick-up early please do so at least 15 minutes prior to dismissal.  This especially seems to be an issue on early release days when there are also more changes in pick-up, creating even further confusion.  Yes, we want your student to be here for every second of instruction and this seems contrary to that mission but safety does come first.
  5. If there is a change in dismissal for your child please send a written and signed note.  Try to avoid changes midday but things do come up.  If you have to change pick-up procedures after the school day has started, please call by 2:00 PM at the very latest.
  6. We cannot release a child to someone not on PowerSchool as a pick-up without written consent from you.  Please ask the person picking up to have their license or other picture ID.
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