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The Super Friend Defenders Initiative!
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Sunday, May 15, 2016
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This year at Andrew Avenue, a new initiative has been started. The Super Defenders program is a way we acknowledge students who go above and beyond in defending their fellow students. With bullying such an important issue in schools today, this has become a great way for us to say your actions matter. And when you stand up for a friend in need, you stand up to make Andrew Avenue a better place!


The following is just a few of our Super Defenders this year and their thoughts on why standing up for their friends was something important to them.


  • Super Defender Shaun

    • “Someone was getting bullied and I felt sad for that kid. You do not want to be those bad people, you want to treat people how you want to be treated.”

  • Super Defender Alex

    • “It feels good to stand up for someone. If you see them getting their feelings hurt, you feel sad for them. It’s important to be a friend defender because if there were no Friend Defenders, everyone would be mean.”

  • Super Defender Noah

    • “They are my friends. I did not want them to be sad. I feel bad when people’s feelings are hurt so I went to help out. It’s important to be a Friend Defender to stop bullying everywhere!”

  • Super Defender Roehn

    • “I decided to defend a friend because I don’t like to see people sad and I like to see people happy. It hurts my feelings to see people getting hurt. It’s important to be a Super Defender because if you don’t the world will be cruel and rude.”

  • Super Defender Eva

    • “I decided to defend a friend because the more you are nice, the greater amount of friends you get. Everyone decides to do some things to make me feel nice. When someone is getting hurt, I feel upset because I felt like that once and no person deserves to feel like that. It’s important to be a Friend Defender so the world can be safe and no person will be crying.”


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