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Purple Day at Andrew Avenue
Posted On:
Sunday, December 07, 2014
We supportedTeam Christian.
We are truly a GREAT place to be!
When our students and their families need us, we (as a school community) have their backs! 
We raised ....(mega drum roll please) $ 879.75.   100% of that will go to the family.
The breakdown:
Staff donations: $218  (this is on top of the initial money we gave them and on top of wristband donations!)
Student donations: $661.75
There were a couple students who said they forgot their money and would bring in on money as well as a couple staff members, so we are going to wait for a final total. I am sure we will be able to present this family with $900 in cash and gift cards easily.
Thank you for being SO supportive! 
How great was it to have Christian with us at the end of the day today.
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