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Reviews of 'Poetry in Motion'
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Monday, January 04, 2016
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Thank you PTG!

The students at Andrew Avenue School were treated to an assembly presented by Poetry in Motion. Here are some reviews from first grade students in the audience:


“I liked the skills.” AA

“It was great. I loved it! I loved the jumping off the wall.” SD

“It was great because I liked the dance moves.” TK

“I liked it because the man jumped off the stage.” CC

“It was great because I liked when the boy jumped on the stage.” AD

“I liked the part when Poetry jumped off the wall and I liked when the Poetry did the ‘Watch Me Now’ with everybody.” ES

“It was so cool. Bring them back please, but I did not like the stomping.” ™
“I liked when he ran off the wall.” LQ

“It was great because I liked the dance moves.” MG

“We like the people.” DA

“I think it was awesome! Can you please come next year? Thank you for coming. I liked the music.” GB

“I liked when he went up the wall.” CP

“I think it was amazing because they jumped on the wall!” TA

“How did you meet each other? I liked the shows. Thank you, PTO because I liked when he ran on the wall.” JV

“We should bring them back. I loved the show.” GD

“I liked when he did pantomime.” JA

“How did you guys meet Tiger? Tiger, have you seen a real tiger? (I am not talking about you.) LS

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