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Letter from Mrs. Stone, PE Teacher
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Tuesday, September 19, 2017
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Dear 3rd and 4th grade families:

Over the next two months your child/children will be taking part in the Connecticut Physical Fitness Assessment.  This test is required by the state of Connecticut.  All 4th grade scores are reported to the state. 

Here are the 4 components to the test.

1.    Pacer Test determines a child’s Cardiovascular Endurance. This is a running test.

2.    Sit and Reach determines flexibility.  This is a stretching test.

3.    Push-ups and 4. Curl-ups (sit-ups) determine both Muscular Strength and Muscular endurance.

During physical education class we have been working to improve each child’s fitness, however I am only able to see them twice a week for 45 minutes.  It would be extremely helpful if your child can work on their fitness at home. 

Here are some things they can practice to help build their fitness levels:  running or fast walk, tag games, playing at the park, using the money bars,  push-ups (on the ground, against the wall, or shoulder taps),        sit-ups, holding a plank position, stretching (especially their leg muscles).  Just keep them moving!


Students should know what to do to help their fitness!!  You can do it with your child to help improve your fitness as well!!!

Work as a team!


Thank you for your help in making Andrew Ave students healthier.

Mrs. Jennifer Stone

Physical Education Teacher – Andrew Ave School

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