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Mrs. Barker's March Newsletter
Posted On:
Friday, March 23, 2018

Andrew Avenue elementary  school

Mrs. Barker’s Counselor's Corner  

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Spring Conferences


If you would like to meet with me to discuss your child, please click the link on the Andrew Avenue Friday email or call the main office  at (203) 720-5221 to schedule a conference time.


Classroom Lessons


Throughout the remainder of this month, students will be learning about empathy.  Empathy is not something that is taught through lecturing. Instead, it’s something that must be woven in all aspects of life on a regular basis.  There is no way to exaggerate the importance of teaching children empathy. Why is it important to "walk in someone else's shoes?" According to a study by the Brookings Institution, "empathy correlates with higher student achievement." Empathy is gaining attention as an important component of emotional intelligence and as a way to reduce bullying.  When a person learns to understand and share the feelings of another, the pro-social behavior that results shows up in better relationships, closer friendships and stronger communities -- it's that important! It also allows them to develop other caring character strengths, such as compassion and gratitude.  

Here are five steps to cultivate empathy:

Watch & Listen: What is the other person saying, and what is his or her body language?

Remember: When did you feel the same way?
Imagine: How does the other person feel? And how would you feel in that Situation?

Ask: Ask what the person is feeling.
Show You Care: Let him or her know that you

care through your words and actions.


Ask your child if they were able to feel empathy for the main character in this Book!


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