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Reading Street Day 1 - 5 this week (If we have no snow days!)

Unit 1.3 Week 1 A Place to Play (genre: realistic fiction)

Skills – sequence, summarize

Phonics - syllable pattern CV, vowel sound of y, map skills

Writing: writing trait: organization, realistic story, nouns in sentences

Spelling Test on twelve spelling words at right - FRIDAY 1/19

Math - Topic 7 Extend the Counting Sequence  Counting by ones, by tens to 120, Counting and writing numerals




BOE Agenda items from November were moved to the January meeting. Meeting notes available on Naugatuck Patch.  


School Library Books need to be returned by Friday morning.



Homework is strongly encouraged but will not be graded on the report card. Students may complete the page marked with a homework stamp and return it the next day. Homework will usually be given Monday through Thursday every week. At home reading is also strongly encouraged.


Practicing the words on the Fry list sent home will help increase your student's known sight words.


Kindness matters!

PLEASE remember to send in a written note when your child returns to school after an absence due to illness, even if you called the office to report the absence.


HELP WANTED Please review 


Sight Word List 


always             become


day                  everything


nothing            stays  




Amazing Words


growth             population


public               shuffle


teeter               crooked


makeshift        spindly






by                    sunny


try                    handy


fly                     lucky


cry                   silly


my                   puppy


High frequency words to know


things              always

                        TEST 1/19           


Spelling tests will be given on the fifth day of our Reading Street week.  Please  practice the weekly SPELLING words above with your child.



**Students need to wear a coat for outdoor recess. If they wear snow boots to school, please remember to send sneakers for gym class on Tuesdays and Thursdays.


Please remember to sign and return the report card envelope to school. You may keep the copy of the report card. If you filled out the enclosed feedback form, please have your child return it to school.


It is most important that students bring a written note for the nurse when they return from being absent due to illness.  




Dear Parents/Guardians, 

            At the beginning of this school year, I would like to introduce myself and make you aware of some of our classroom policies. Our first grade class consists of 19 students and we look forward to a most successful school year.  

            My name is Nancy Sasso Janis and I will ask the children to call me Mrs. Janis. I was co-valedictorian of the 1981 graduating class of Sacred Heart University in Fairfield where I received my BA in Spanish and Elementary Education Certification. I student taught in a first grade in a public school in Stratford and then taught first grade for two years and six months at St. Gabriel School in Milford. During the 1986-1987 school year I taught full-day kindergarten at St.Vincent Ferrer Primary School in Naugatuck. The next year I began my career in the Naugatuck system at Prospect Street School where I taught morning kindergarten and remedial students. The next year I taught morning kindergarten and Chapter I remedial reading at Salem School and I received my MAT from Sacred Heart. I taught first grade at Maple Hill School since it opened in 1989 and I moved to Andrew Avenue three years ago. 

            As to classroom procedures, I will allow the children to have a snack during the afternoon. I recommend snacks such as fresh fruit, crackers, cheese, fresh vegetables, and popcorn. Snacks to avoid include candy, cake, and cookies. Please send in a small dishtowel or cloth placemat that your child can use to cover his/her table top. 

            A birthday is an important event for first graders and it will be treated as such in our class. If you would like to send in a special treat for each child, please let me know on which day they would like to celebrate. All foods must be checked by the school nurse for any possible allergens and no home-baked goods are allowed.  

            Please dress your child simply so that they can be comfortable in school and handle their clothing as independently as possible. Outerwear and lunchboxes should be plainly and permanently marked with your child’s name.  I also recommend that students have a backpack in which to carry papers back and forth to school. They usually insure safe arrival and can easily hold our homework folder that must be returned to school daily.  

            When your child returns to school after being absent, please send in a note explaining the reason for the absence, even if you telephoned the school on the day of the absence. Also, please send in a note when your child loses a tooth—we have a graph on which to record such milestones. Please put any money sent to school in a sealed envelope marked with your child’s name and the purpose of the money. 

            A few basic rules are posted in the classroom and I have explained them to the children. These classroom rules are: 

1.      Follow directions.

2.      Never hurt anyone or anything.

3.      Raise your hand.

4.      Walk, don’t run.

5.      Use an “inside voice.”


            Please review daily behavior on the "Weekly Scholar Sheet." Praise good behavior days and discuss areas in need of improvement. Your assistance with behavioral expectations is critical for maintaining a positive learning environment for your child. My goal is to reward good behaviors in hopes of diffusing inappropriate behaviors and I appreciate your support. 

            Please look for our weekly newsletter every Monday.  It will keep you abreast of what we are studying in class, events happening at school, and other important information. This same information and much more will also be found on our classroom web site. You will be able to access my site by going to the site at Click on Staff Listing under News & Events and then click on my name under Teaching Staff. 

            Thank you so much for your help. I look forward to meeting you. If you ever have a question about your child’s progress or anything else, please contact me via e-mail at school at 

Sincerely yours,


Nancy Sasso Janis

Teacher – Grade One

August 28, 2017

Our specials schedule is:

Art - Mondays

Gym - Tuesdays

Library - Wednesdays

Gym and Computers - Thursdays

Music - Fridays 


Board of Education Dress Code Policy for students in grades K-6 prohibits the following: shorts or skirts above mid-thigh, tank tops with spaghetti straps, halter or strapless tops, low cut or midriff tops, flip flops and sunglasses (unless prescribed by a doctor)


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