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 P.T.G. Meeting Minutes  

Andrew Avenue School

  • PTG Meeting Minutes                  
  • June 6, 2011

Meeting called to order at 6:30pm 

Review of May meeting minutes 

Finance Update:

Balance in account is $6,350.59

Summary report handed out at meeting

motion made by Christine Almeida & seconded by Tammie Duda to accept the report 

Mr. Gruber's update:

Data report/Powerpoint

-Testing still going on

- reading comprehension benchmarks were discussed

-oral Reading Fluency based on speed & accuracy

- covered data for DRP school wide

-Letter- Sound Fluency- Are kindergartener's ready for 1st grade 



Ice Cream Social & basket raffle- June 17th 6-8

- donations are coming in

- sign up is lower than last year 

Upcoming Events

  •  Sound Tigers- No dates for Fall yet
  •  Rock Cats- Pushed to Spring 2012
  •  Jeanine Fundraiser- Chris Almeida all set with Fall fundraiser- No Frozen food
  •  Little Cesars- Booking for January- Frozen pizza- Great for parents on the go


  • Display My Art Fundraiser or Kids Art- students do artwork to go on stationary, mugs, etc...see flyer
  •  Popcorn Fundraiser- Only for playground
  •  October Festival: Need Date
  •  December Festival: Need Date
  •  Valentine's Day Dance: Needs Date
  •  American Vintage Furniture: Call in Spring for dates available. School receives 10% off the top


Education Update:

Assembly- Storyteller went okay

Would like to go back to 4 Assemblies a year

Book Fair all set for October 24-28

Field Day- All set- Fruit cutters are booked & Ice pops in Freezer

Braclets are in 

Mascot Books:

Jennifer Stone reported the following

  •   Order will be later in the Fall
  •  Balance of book due 60 days after delivery
  •  Cost $10.00, Selling for $15.00
  •  Mrs. Fahl & Jenn will help write the book
  •  Letter to businesses for advertisement for sponsorships amounts are

$100, $75, $50 & $25 

Businesses have already shown interest

  •  check being cut this week for $625.88 for deposit
  •  First CT. Book gets lots of benefits
  •  Will start with a $5.00 non refundable deposit



Condensed version is available for review

Finalized copy with the next week 

Officer Votes:

President: Allison Trisko

Vice President: Christine Almeida

Secretary: Toni Cestari

Treasurer: Mary Korowotny 

meeting adjourned at 7:40pm 

Have a great summer!!