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March 8th, 2013

Andrew Avenue School - Parent Teacher Group - Meeting Minutes 3/8/2013

Meeting called to order 6:30pm

No review of February meeting minutes (minutes unavailable)

No Principal's report

Review Treasurer's report
- Kindergarten will require additional bus because of class sizes.

- BOE has informed AASPTG that we will need to purchase a yearly liability insurance policy.
Approximate costs for this policy will be $400-$600 per year.

- Because of increasing costs there may be a nominal charge for field trips going forward.
Will discuss further with Mr. Gruber.

- BOE may convert all district PTG's, PTO's, PTA's into central office with central banking.
AASPTG will look into costs associated with filing for nonprofit status. Next PSC meeting
to discuss this further will be April 22nd.

Bingo night all set for 4/10. Book fair will be open and will give gift certificates as raffle prizes.

Possible Dance-A-Thon Fundraiser for end of May beginning of June.

Mother's Day Plant Sale scheduled for May 9th &10th.

Field Day scheduled for June 4th (rain date June 5th)
- check price for buttons (Chris Almeida & Toni Cestari)
- check with Sodexo about fruit prices (Toni Cestari)

Flyer will go home about Rock Cats Naugatuck Night Friday June 14th.

May meeting work on Fundraiser calendar for school year 2013-2014.

Vote on $60 donation for "Math Night" at the NHS. (all in favor)

Chris Almeida will check on prices for AccuCut # set.

Teacher Appreciation Week in May

Nomination notices for PTG officers will go home shortly.
- Nominations will be made at May meeting and officers will be voted on at June meeting.

Meeting adjourned 7:41pm