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Professional Learning and School Data Team

Andrew Avenue School's Professional Learning and School Data Team serves a very important role within our school community. By analyzing data, this committee is able to identify school wide academic trends. From there, the committee can also identify educational trends that will boost student academic performance.

  • April 30th Highlights
    • Members discussed final Surveys of the year.
      • Results show improvement but areas that still need focus.
        • Data shows parents are interested in more detailed information concerning their student vs school performance as a whole.
          • To meet this need, progress monitoring data will be sent home every 4 weeks. Also, students will be receiving a "Home-School Communication Folder" containing work samples for parents to review.
      • Scheduling ideas for next year were reviewed as well.
        • There is flexibility in this regard and further discussion will take place regarding adapting SRBI schedules, with perhaps having more days seeing students but for shorter intervals of time.
        • Also, a focus will be made to:
          • Decrease number of students receiving SRBI
            Increase focus at the Tier 1 level in the classroom
            Utilize NWEA data to focus Tier 1 Differentiation
            Utilize more push-in vs. pull-out to address student needs
  • February 26th Highlights
    • Members discussed surveying parents and students to see where Andrew Avenue stands in meeting Strategic Learning Objectives.
      • Members identified relevant questions for both parents and Grade 3 and 4 students, while also identifying further action steps being needed to present information in a student-friendly way for Grade 1 and 2 students.
    • Data Team members discussed how best to utilize a budget surplus in providing materials for classroom teachers. With this surprise, it appears possible to outfit each classroom with selection of Ipad Minis or Chromebooks. (Exact device to be determined, but estimated at 6 per room.)
    • Team members finished the discussion identifying the need for professional development for staff to maximize Ipad or Chromebook usage in the classroom.
  • January 28th Highlights
    • Stress the need of Math computation practice
    • Grades are progressing towards their year-end Math Student Learning Objective
    • Teachers noticed some areas of concern will be addressed during units later in the year so achievement should improve.
    • Noted the importance of Lexia Core5 for tier 3 students.
    • Discussed ways to further incorporate technology into the curriculum.
    • Fine tuned student survey questions to judge student real-world academic engagement.
  • October 30th Highlights
    • The committee reviewed fall test data and set goals for end of year performance.
    • The committee also formalized the 2013-2014 Math Student Learning Objectives, focusing on an increase of computational skills.
  • October 9th Highlights
    • This meeting focused on analyzing beginning of the year survey data and developing Student Learning Objectives for the 2013-2014 school year.
      • The committee identified survey questions that need refinement in future years to avoid confusion.
      • The committee also planned for ways to boost parent communication, utilizing the web site more, increased use of newsletters, and various strategies to boost parent notification.
    • Ways to boost students' belief that their learning is meaningful also were discussed.
      • Increase "real world" connections in lessons, activities etc.
      • Use of the Outdoor Classroom to enhance learning/real world connections
      • Use of technology (Ipads, Kindles etc.)