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Outdoor Classroom and Beautification

The Outdoor Classroom and Beautification Committee's focus is to unite school aesthetics and academics. This committee strives to make the most of our new for 2013 outdoor classroom setting while maintaining the academic rigors our students deserve.


Linked on the right will be meeting minutes while typed below will be highlights and focus areas of the meetings. 

  • May 2014 Highlights
    • Dedication Plaque - The committee chose a spot on the exterior wall for the plaque and agreed upon the following text:This outdoor classroom is dedicated to the memory of Mr. Mariano for his years of service to the Andrew Avenue Community.

    • Gary will contact B&G sign company in Waterbury for price. Explore possibility of engraving roadrunner on plaque.

    • Mary Halloran suggested planting 4 shade trees in front playscape area. Committee members voted and unanimously agreed.

    • Committee observed and discussed damage to outdoor equipment (damage seen on playscape benches, picnic tables, greenhouse) Committee suggests the addition of appropriately placed surveillance cameras.

  • February 2014 Highlights
    • This month the Committee looked forward to the first full spring students get to utilize our outdoor classroom.
    • The central focus of this meeting was planting the seeds, so to speak, for our 1st Annual Andrew Avenue Elementary School Community Garden Day.
      • The Committee identified things such as planting shade trees around the playscape, decorating buddy benches, decorating clay pots, and possibly a presentation from the Naugatuck Garden Club.
    • As temperatures finally begin to warm up, keep your eyes out for more information!
  • October 2013 Highlights
    • The Committee identified strands from the new Common Core that can be used as part of our outdoor classroom setting.
    • The Committee also discussed the feasability of a field trip to a garden.
    • The Committee finalized plans for their next meeting (1/29/14) and established an agenda for creating lesson plans.