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Parent Engagement Committee Meeting: October 30th, 2013

Members Present: 

Rhya Szymansky, Pam LaCharity, Kathy Massicotte, Robin Ariola, Donna Taylor, Jessica Fahl


At this meeting, the committee finalized plans for the Cruise and Peruse scheduled for November 8th, 2013. Efforts were made in planning a safe, orderly event where parents can get a better feel for Andrew Avenue School. Parents will be welcomed to the event with a sign and an area to sign in. Sign ins allow us to judge how successful the event was for us. Care was also taken to make all staff will be aware of the event, included teachers and custodians.

Parents will be greeted with the following poem:

Poem for easel:

Stroll through the halls,

Check out the walls.

If the classroom door is open,

stop in and say hi.

If the classroom door is closed,

please just pass by. 

The committee also reviewed past efforts at parent outreach and analyzed past parent surveys to find ways we can improve.