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October 2nd, 2013

Andrew Ave PTG

October 2, 2013

Meeting called to order @ 6:35

Principal's Report: Parent Fall Survey: done at Open House (190 parents). My child is challenged in school and my child is motivated are two areas of concern. This survey will also be giving at the end of the school year and each year at the end of the year from here on out. This goes along with the Teacher/School evaluation.

September Minutes: -motion to accept Patricia Osborn minutes, second Chris Alemdia

Treasure's Report: Motion to accept Toni, second Mr. Gurber

Turkey Trot - Will be on Monday Nov 25th
Fall Festival - Nov 1st. Contact Photographer
Winter Festival - Mrs. Deegan. Book theme: Snowman at Work. Purchase 5 books from book fair. Jan date??
Motion for $ Cheryl for books, second Michelle

Assemblies - no updates

Salvation Army Food Drive - No go, we will donate to the town food bank

Parent Survey - what parents want to get out of meetings, asked group what questions should be on the survey

Spring Event with Mr. Warren - Baseball in Education Day at the Rockcats. $3 per kid. Biggest cost is the buses. Common core linked lesson for teachers. We would need 6 buses about $1200 for buses. Fitness week - in Feb. Along with a fitness night in the evening.

Teacher for a day - Raffle January Dates?

-Jeannine Update - no update yet. Pick up date Nov?
-Spirit Wear - Oct 28th - Nov 15th samples at Fall Fun night
-Spirit cups - Next week 10/7
-Fundraiser Calendar - Will go out this month
-Book fair - Oct 21-25, will be open during parent conferences. Not a fundraiser, money & books go back to the kids in the classrooms.

Other items:
Danimals: Rally for Recess, flyer will go out in folders for students

Next Meeting: Thursday Nov 7th @ 6:30pm (meetings will be now on the first Thursday of every month)

Meeting adjourned @7:32

Minutes by Jen Stone