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Andrew Ave PTG

November 7, 2013- Minutes by Jen Stone

Meeting called to order @ 6:35

October Minutes: -motion to accept Chris Almeida minutes, second Chris Gruber

Treasure's Report: Motion to accept Jen Stone, second Mr. Gruber


Jeannine update: Chris - pick up Nov 18th, Joanne will meet the guys for drop off. Jen Stone will be at school at 3:15 to begin pick up. Chris will come around 4:30

Spirit Cups - Chris - Not a good turnout. Maybe $300 profit

Spirit Wear - Due Nov. 15


Fall fun night: will prob. break even. Suggestion to maybe have a pre-pay of $1.00 which will come with a raffle ticket for a door prize. Will discuss at a later date.

Turkey Trot - Will be on Tuesday Nov. 26. Papers went home Friday Nov. 8th. If you know anyone who would like to be an event sponsor contact Jen Stone.

Winter Festival - Mrs. Deegan. Book theme: Snowman at Work. Date Jan. 24th. Raffle items of a winter theme (gloves, hats, snowman kit, sleds, shovels, etc. Crafts and cookies

Principal Report:

Teacher Evaluation. Mr. Gruber explained how it works

Parent Group Council: Mr. Gruber would like to set this group up to help with decision making process (hiring, Budget, etc) More info to follow

Other items:

Dec. 20th - PJ day for solders. $1.00 dontation

Roller magic as a possible fundraiser/event. Jen Stone will get more info

Camp chairs: Jen Stone will order 2 samples to see quality and prices

Hockey Night at the Sound Tigers for Naugatuck will be Sunday Jan 19th at 3pm. $16 for each tickets

Next Meeting: Thursday Dec 5th @ 6:30pm

Meeting adjourned @7:15