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April 4th, 2014


Andrew Ave PTG Minutes

Thursday April 4, 2014 - submitted by Jen Stone

6:28 Meeting called to order

Principal's Report:  Outside classroom/gardening has started. 

Earth day activities May 1st (May 2nd rain date).  5 Stations run by Mrs. Szymanski.  During school hours after 1:30.  Will need parent volunteers.  Green House Dedication Friday May 23rd Shakespearian Theater - $400 for one show.  Possibly older graders 3-4 (maybe 2)

St. Paddy's Dance: Made over $200.  Need to find a better DJ who will to interactive songs.

Family Fitness Night:  Good event made about $120.  Thanks to Mr. Warren!!

Baby Pictures of teachers:   Will be up next week.  Students will pay to cast a vote.  This will be left up until April 11th

March minutes:  Motion to accept Toni, Second Chris

Treasurer's Report:  Concerns about field Trip cost and pricing of the buses.  Motion to accept Toni, 2nd Michelle

Staff Appreciation Week:  possible break for teachers?

Mix/Bags Yankee Candle:  Still need $127 to get 50% of mixed bags.  Will hold open for 1 more week

Camping Chairs: Jen Stone will run.  Order 24 Chairs as sample (to sell) $25 a chair (almost a $10 profit) Maroon Chairs with NAUGATUCK written on the back of the chair.  Sale Date April 21st - May 2nd

Plant Sale:  May 8th-9th need parent volunteers

Rock Cats: $5.00 a ticker per students.  This is what students will pay.  PTG is paying for teachers/staff and buses.

Book Fair: B1G1 April 7-10.  Bingo Night will be 10th run by Chris and Heather Deegan

Ice Cream Social:   Patty will run.  Dates that we are looking at June 13th or June 20th

Field Day:  June 10th - Chris will look at prices for the dunk tank

Assemblies: Possible author Spaghetti Eddie? Funding for assemblies may be short this year.  Discussion on possibly having K-1 in school field trip type activities

Upcoming fundraisers:  Plant sale & Ice cream social

Meeting adjourned 7:30pm