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September 18th, 2014

Andrew Ave PTG September Minutes - 9/18/14 

Submitted by Jen Stone

6:04 Meeting called to order

Meeting Attendance: Michale Stopa, Patty Wasilewski, Jen Stone, Mary Korowotny, Marilyn O'Donnell, Antonia DaSilva, Toni Cestari, Taran Gruber, Jessica Swan, Liz Goncalves, Rubain Mulomba, Jonathon Torres

Principal's Report: CBER Handout - CT K-3 Literacy Initiative. Very excited about this. Only 3 schools in the state and Andrew Ave is one. Collaboration with the state and Uconn. 2 new full-time interventionists. Goal of this program is to have all 3rd graders reading on grade level. Pilot program and we are very lucky to have this here at Andrew.

Parent Introductions: All people in attendance introduced themselves

June minutes: Motion to accept Jess Swan, Second Michael

Treasurer's Report: Michael motion to approve, Jess second

Chris plans to step down and we asked for a new person to step in. Michael is possibly interested.

*What is PTG? Work on fundraising and events to support extra activities, trips and assemblies for the students of Andrew Ave

*PSC- description of what it is, need to Andrew Ave reps. Toni and Jen will represent Andrew Ave. Next meeting is September 29th at Maple Hill

Meeting schedule for this year:

It would be easier if childcare was provided. 6:30 would be a better time

Tuesday Oct. 14th Monday Nov. 10th Tuesday Dec 9th All meetings at 6:30

Meetings for the remainder of the year will be determined at a later date

Book Fair - Week of October 20-24. Need a chairperson. Jess and Patty will work it out. John Torres will ask his son's grandfather

Fall festival - Toni will run. Shannon Sargent sent a message with Patty that she would like to help out. Toni will follow up with her. Date: Friday Oct 24th 6-8 pm

Turkey Trot - Jen will run with Mr. Warren. Tuesday Nov 25th during school hours. This will be the 3rd annual. More info to follow. Will need parent volunteers

Open Forum: Toni asked to group if they had questions or items they would like to discuss

*Teacher Fund- begin to create a new fund were teachers can ask PTG for help with classroom


*Outside Donations/corporate sponsors: some parents in attendance would like to ask local business for some donations, possible for the turkey trot. John Torres would like to try what he can do to get some donations.

*Hello Rocket Book will be put on the school store cart and sell for $10. Also I flyer may go home to sell remaining books

*School Store - Tuesday and Thursday Patty will run and Liz Gonzales will help

*Book Checkout in library. Parent volunteers needed

*Scholastic funds - extra money from last year to go to new 2nd grade teacher. Vote 12 yes 1 no. Motion approved.

*Greenhouse - questions about if it will be fixed up and working this school year. Mr. Gruber stated that are now security cameras and much less vandalism. Michael would like to help out and John has a connection to Home Depot and Lowes for discounts. Suggestion to use the caring school community flyers to ask for small donations of seeds and supplies.

Next meeting Oct 14th at 6:30

Adjourned 7:23 pm

Meeting adjourned 7:51 pm