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October 14th, 2014

Andrew Ave PTG October Minutes - 10/14/14 - Submitted by Jen Stone

Called to Order at 6:36PM

Meeting Attendance: Jen Stone, Cheryl Barth, Kristen Miccli, Shannon Sargeant, Marilyn O'Donnell, Richard O'Donnell, Toni Cestari, Patty Wasilewski

Parent Introductions

Principal's Report: No Report tonight

September meeting minutes: Motion to approve Patty, Second Rick

Treasurer's Report: Motion to approve Toni, second Shannon. There is school store money that needs to be deposited

Voting in a new treasurer. Nomination Shannon Sargent. All in favor, no one apposed.

PSC - Move to centralized Treasurer by January. Food fundraising issue discussed. No food can be given to students, parents must pick-up. Naugatuck Discovery to sponsor a Parent/Child leadership class. Beginning in January. Applicants must apply through the Discovery.

Kindergarten Parents expressed concern about the Common Core and how to help your children through it. Possible meeting/class for parents about common core.

Book Fair: Next week Oct 20-24. Jess Cebulski will run both fall and spring.

Fall Festival: Party, costumes optional. Friday October 24th 6-8. Flyers will go out soon. Volunteers needed to run activities. Toni has run it for a few years, but would like to give it to another parent who is interested in running this event. Large pumpkin: guess the weight fundraiser.

Ask Mrs. Korowotny to send out an email to parent about our facebook page. LIKE US ON FACEBOOK

Suggestion about a cupcake decorating program before or during meeting to pull more parents in. Possible January or February

Asking each parent at the meeting to invite two new parents to our meeting next month on Nov. 10th at 6:30pm

Someone asked about the event board that was used last year to post the week's events on facebook.

Possible fundraisers: Pampered Chef, Marilyn O'Donnell will look into this and report back. Cookie Dough Tubs, Patty W. will look into this and report back.

Movie Night was suggested by Jess Swan. We need to look into the logistics of this. Popcorn machine (Jen Stone)

Turkey Trot: Nov 25th Sponsor forms handed out to parents at the meeting. Student's forms will be going out in Nov. need parent volunteers

Rock Cats Game: Mr. Warren would like to run this event again. Busing cost may be a concern.

Meeting Adjourned 7:54pm