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December 9th, 2014


Andrew Ave PTG December Minutes - 12/9/14 - Submitted by Jen Stone

Called to Order at 6:24pm

Meeting Attendance:  Jen Stone, Kristen Miceli, Marilyn O'Donnell, Richard O'Donnell, Toni Cestari, Heather Deegan, Shannon Sargeant, Taran Gruber, Karen Purcaro-Tarsi, Michael Stopa

Principal's Report:  Art teacher has started.  Music teacher will begin as a sub Dec. 12th and be a trial period before a contract is offered.  Discussion in the administration meeting about food being brought into the school.  We will probably see more of a policy on this. The new grant funded reading program will start after the winter break.  A math pilot program have started for some class.  K-Kane, 1-Grazino, 2-Nieves, 3-Meier, 4-Yammine.  At the end of the year school will compare and find the best math program for the district.

Treasurer's Report:  Motion to approve Michael, second Toni.  All approved.  Shannon is now on as a signer to the account.  Jen Stone gave her two deposit slips one for school store and the other for teacher trot.  Also gave her cash to be deposited for the remaining Naugatuck Chairs ($100).  Next month we need to transfer over the central treasury

Turkey Trot - Jen Stone - Nov. 25th. Success $935 made as profit (would like to run another one of these walk events in the spring, during March with gold coins/St. Paddy's theme)

Pampered Chef - orders are all in delivery/pick up will be sometime next week

Cookie Bucket - about $500 profit

**concern about three fundraisers going out around the same time.  We need to be more sensitive to this.

Field Trip - Michelle Litke has taken over this position and is in the process of working with the teachers.

Winter Festival - Heather Deegan - 12/19 snow date will be 1/9.  Theme is winter/frozen.   Mr. Gruber will read a book to start.  Possible sing-along at the end.  Donations have been coming in.  About 15-20 raffle prizes so far.

Rock Cats field trip - Rock Cats will only cover 1 bus.  Mr. Warren is trying to work on this.  If he gets the bus the group agreed to go forward with this trip.

Teacher for a Day - will be run in January by Mr. Warren

Cup Cake Wars - Marilyn & Richard O'Donnell - Feb 26th (snow date 2/27) More information to follow.  Get your baking and creativity skills ready for this new and exciting event!!!

St. Paddy's Dance - Jen Stone will run in March

Special Person Dance - (like Daddy/Daughter or Mother/Son) - will discuss for future.

Sound Tigers game - Jen Stone - Naugatuck Day - Sunday Feb 22, 2015 3pm game time.  Tickets $16.  50/50 raffle will go to the 2 Naugatuck Schools with the most ticket sales.  Sound Tigers would like to have the mascot come to school one day to promote the event.

G's Burgers fundraiser - Jen Stone will look into this

Bus Trip to the Casino - Richard suggested this.  Mr. Gruber would like to check with the BOE before we proceed

Schedule for the next three meeting:  Jan. 13th, Feb. 3rd, March 3rd.  All meeting are at 6:30  

Meeting Adjourned 7:18 pm