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February 10th, 2015

Andrew Ave PTG February Minutes - 2/10/15 - Submitted by Jen Stone

Called to Order at 6:37pm

Meeting Attendance:  Jen Stone, Marilyn O'Donnell, Richard O'Donnell, Toni Cestari, Heather Deegan, Taran Gruber, Karen Purcaro-Kudzma, Patty Wasilwski, Melissa Nieves

Principal's Report:  Music teachers started with many positive reviews.  He should have an official position after Thursday's BOE meeting.  Math Pilot started and is going well.  At the end of the school year teachers will make a recommendation to the BOE on which program to adopt.  Feb 19th is Discovery Night at Andrew Let's talk it up!! Reading benchmarks are much better than math, but as a school we have put more focus on the reading.

Dec. meeting minutes - Cookie Dough was $676.60 profit and Pamper chef was $459.59 profit.  Motion to accept- Toni.  2nd Marilyn

Treasurer's Report:  Question do we still make check payable to AASPTG.  We will find out the answer.  Check #1228 was make out to Toni for the fall festival items $392.35.  Winter fest made over $200! Great job Mrs. Deegan.  Motion to accept Mr. Gruber.  2nd Toni

Book fair - we are looking to change the dates to April 20-24 with a Bingo Night during that week.

Field Trip - Michelle Litke will report. 

Rock Cats - Toni will talk with Rock Cats

St. Patrick's Day Dance - Jen Stone - March 13th - 6-8pm.  Speak with Mrs. Hunt about her daughter Taylor being the DJ.  Not many items needed maybe table clothes.  Bake Sale and 50/50 raffle.  Flyers will go home at the end of Feb. The rest of the spirit wear will be on sale during the dance.

Cup Cake Wars - Marilyn & Richard O'Donnell - Feb 26th (snow date 2/27) Open up to the community.  Flyers will go out this week.  $25 to enter - must bring a minimum of 50 decorated cupcakes.  Theme will be based on a book.  Prizes will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.  After the event you will be able to purchase the cupcakes.

Sound Tigers game - Jen Stone - Naugatuck Day - Sunday Feb 22, 2015 3pm game time.  Tickets $16.  50/50 raffle will go to the 2 Naugatuck Schools with the most ticket sales. 

Assemblies - money is tight.  Looking to add one at the end of the school year.  We will revisit after some fundraising. Jen Stone will look into the reptile guy her school used.

Mixed bags and Yankee candle will run 3/3 - 3/17 - Toni will chair

Mother's day Plant sale - May 7-8. 

Mr. Warren is looking for another fundraiser like the Hall of Fame that we did last year.

Spirit Bags - Toni is looking into prices on this.

Spirit week - coming soon - community contributions

Next Meeting - Tuesday March 3rd at 6:30p,

Adjourned 7:37pm